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 The basic rules.

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PostSubject: The basic rules.   Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:54 am

1- Do not flame other users.
2- Do not post anything sexual on this forum. Keep it in PM, if all else.
3- Do not double post intentionally. I will forgive multible posts if you accidentally clicked more than once, or if you clicked a second time due to a slow browser. I will just delete the spare post(s).
4- Do not threaten anyone's life, not even jokingly.
5- Do not bump a topic without the owner's consent, or post in a topic that has gone without a reply for three months. if the last post was three months ago, it is offlimits until revived by owner or by a roleplayer.
6- I have the power to deny and delete characters, and topic creators can request this, if they are godmoddish- but I will save copies of the character before deletion to give to the owner so they can modify it.
7- Do not treat someone baddly for their culture or Religion. I will not tolerate it.
8- you can post pictures, but if they are large, post them in URL form- and do not post inappropriate or bloody pictures.
9- Do not post ads for your sites, products, roleplays or fanfics unless you ask me first, and you put them in your signature.
10- you can swear a bit, but keep it to a minimum.
11- use proper grammar when speaking, and don't type in l337. AnD dOn'T tAlK lIkE tHiS eItHeR, iT tRiGgErS mY dYsLeXiA. And your posts will be edited or deleted if you talk like that.
12- Do not give away your real location, your real name, stuff like that. but age and gender is okay.
13- do not give away your phone number.
14- Do not ask for ROM downloads.
15- Do not post something if it is shorter than five words. acceptions are posting games such as the three word story.

I'll think of more later.
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The basic rules.
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