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 12 Stones (Fantasy Fighting Based RP)

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PostSubject: 12 Stones (Fantasy Fighting Based RP)   Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:27 am

12 Stones

Choose a descendant and PM me to achieve starting stone.

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:Many of the famous clans have vowed their lives to gathering the 12 Stones to grant a wish that will benefit themselves:
)Find a path you will follow throughout your journey.(

Clan of Deception:
Members of this clan have all been put under a curse to become immortal for the rest of their lives. After staying on earth for more than 700 years, they have recruited as many people as they could to help them gather the 12 Stones and grant the wish of mortality and to be able to rest peacefully on earth.

Silver Moon Clan:
Armies often come through the Village of Ohan killing villagers who stand in their way, invading peoples homes, raping mothers, and stealing food and valuable furniture; anything possible to make the villagers of the Village of Ohan live miserable lives. It was up to the fighters in the Village of Ohan to come together and gather the 12 Stones to bring peace to their village and have their people live happy lives.

Clan of Thieves:
Stealing isn't to ruin people's lives; it's a lifestyle that these people are forced to live. If you've looked back at the horrible lives these people lived then you would understand why they do the things that they do. Speed, dexterity, and accuracy are their main key in doing the things they do; gathering the 12 Stones to make a wish for wealth is their lifetime goal.

Deadly Rose:
Bad things happen when you speak the name of this clan. Though the members of this fierce clan care for themselves rather than eachother, they plan to be the only powerful clan standing and to rule the world wih their ultimate power. But after several defeats, its going to take more than ultimate pwower to rule the world, instead, they need to get the 12 Stones and make their wish for ultmate power.

Heavy Axe Clan:
This clan is one of the many clans that wish to not gather the 12 Stones at all. In fact, they practice on keeping all the other clans away from the stones to keep the peace in this world. If words won't persuade their opponents, their strength in power and numbers will.

Pouring Rain:
The members of this clan wish to gather the 12 Stones and just have the earth covered with water. They are capable of surfing over the land by using water to carry them out of the sea and conquer the earth inch by inch until there is nothing left. Their clan is weak but if not stopped at once, then they will soon cover the entire planet.

Quote :

Character Name
# Stone



In this all out fantasy role-play, twelve "chosen" characters will be assigned a stone depending on their ability to prove themselves worth in their first few posts. Each stone possesses a certain element that will grant them a limited, yet helpful amount of power in guiding them towards finding other stones. Once stone has been given, you will be free to do whatever you want with it.

.,;:'"` `"':;,..,;:'"` `"':;,..,;:'"` `"':;,..,;:'"` `"':;,..,;:'"` `"':;,.

When role-playing, be sure to follow Forum Rules and role-play with the best of your common sense and literacy.

Starting location: Enchanted Forest
Night has fallen upon the woods, and a sliver of silver moon is the only source of light for miles. It reflects in the still water of rivers flowing through the lands. The only source of warmth is an occasional fire or glowing embers left untended. It is a crisp and cool night, and there is a mild breeze. The air smells of patchoulli and musk... very earthy. The trees seem to sigh, and whispers echo here and there, mysteriously almost as though they seem to say, "Greetings, Stranger..."
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12 Stones (Fantasy Fighting Based RP)
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